With John Frieda luxurious volume perfectly full Mousse and forever full Hairspray, a Blowout at home Is easy and Affordable!

These products may make you feel blazin’ hot, but don’t deal with them near an open flame! The John Frieda luxurious volume perfectly full Mousse ($6.99, left) and forever full Hairspray ($6.99, right)
If you live in the nyc area or, well, any area that has a few hair salons, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a blowout. Blowout beauty salons are very popular around these parts, and for good reason. Your hair looks incredible afterward! — and the style lasts for days.

But blowouts get expensive after a while, which is why I only get them when I get my hair cut/colored.


What’s a thin-haired girl to do?

When I wash my hair, I don’t blow dry it often because of its texture, but in some cases I still crave a finished, full hair look.

When I do improv and give myself a “blowout” at home, here are the products I use to help get my baby fine hair looking voluminous and shiny.


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Here’s my hair best after a wash…

Fresh out of the shower, my thin hair is already practically dry.
Now, I don’t do my home blowouts like numerous people do because I don’t use a round brush. because round brushes cause much more knots in my hair (yes, it’s that cranky). instead I use a comb and my hands.

Lately I’ve been washing my hair with Loreal Everpure volume Shampoo. It’s color-safe and has beautiful notes of rosemary and juniper, and I don’t find it to be stripping at all.

Next is the actual drying, and I always make sure to spray a heat protectant in my hair before I start, as well as a little bit of Dove Serum in Oil.

Flipping my head upside-down, I dry my hair until it’s about 80% dry, then turn to part one of this duo…

I wasn’t amazed by earlier iterations of this line, but these I like. Mousse is always very challenging for me, it either weighs my hair down to the point that I need to wash my hair again the next day, or it makes my haircrunchy, but the perfectly full and forever full formulas from the luxurious volume line have been doing a great job for me lately.

I tried very hard to get this in the shape of a meringue, which is what mousse always reminds me of…
As far as fragrance goes, well…it smells like mousse. less like hairspray (not as heavy on the chemicals), and much more like a light mix of clean and floral.

The product itself feels very light and practically a little too watery, so be careful because it might just melt in your hands.

After scrunching a bit into my hair, especially at the crown of my head, I finish by blowdrying on low with the diffuser attachment, and to avoid knots, I continuously comb/finger-comb my hair while I’m drying.

I’ve been obsessed with this comb best here, and I was devastated when mine broke a few days ago. even much more tragically, my Target hasn’t been stocking it anymore. thank goodness for Amazon!

And here’s what my hair looks like when I’m done…

A good bit of volume for a thin-haired gal!

Please forgive my terrible under-eye bags. This was pre base makeup.

Sweeping my hair to one side typically gives me much much more volume.

After my hair is dry, I’ll hit it with a light spray of luxurious volume forever full Hairspray to lock in some extra oomph.

Not as voluminous up top, but so, so soft!
Even after a few minutes, I already start to lose a little volume up top, but it’s nothing that a light flipping of my hair can’t solve. because I don’t use a round brush for the sake of my hair, I don’t expect it to last all day long.


What I really love about both of these products is how soft they make my hair, and how the softness lasts for a couple of days after using them. even after I’ve touched up and sprayed it on my hair repeatedly, my hair always feels touch-ably soft.

The John Frieda luxurious volume perfectly full Mousse and forever full Hairspray are both great drugstore purchases at about $6.99 each if you’re searching for good, solid products to add volume without breaking the bank.

Have you ever given yourself a blowout at home? What are some of your favorite volume-boosting products? And does anybody else out there have a hard time using a round brush on fine hair?

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