The finest physical fitness video channel on YouTube

As I sit here, with sweat pouring down my face, my body feeling worked over, as well as my legs as well as arms as well as legs totally useless — dagnabbit, I feel good.

Actually, a lot more than good. Minusta tuntuu hyvältä. even though my rubbery limbs have been absolutely defeated, I believe I might still sprint across a football field (IF I had to chase down Keanu). This is what it’s like to do a workout with physical fitness fitness instructor Sydney Cummings on YouTube. At the end, you’re totally spent, however your spirit is absolutely energized.


I’ve been doing Sydney’s videos for a couple weeks, as well as I’m hooked!

Let’s do some bear crawls, girl!

Sydney’s a licensed personal trainer, a nutrition expert as well as a former university high jumper, as well as her workouts are the very best I’ve discovered on YouTube.

She articles a new workout everyday (!), as well as there are lots to select from. Every session is different, which keeps them fascinating as well as always makes them a challenge. She does a combination of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), bodyweight (exercises that utilize your own weight to supply resistance against gravity), cardio, stretching, as well as weights workouts, as well as every one — whether it’s 30, 40 50 or 60 minutes long — leaves me dripping in sweat as well as feeling strong as well as accomplished.


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The videos — not gonna lie — are absolutely challenging, however Sydney commonly shows customized versions of certain motions for newbies (which I appreciate, since some days I requirement to take it down a level). She likewise thoroughly explains exactly how to setting your body as well as what your muscles must feel like as you step with each exercise.

The time flies, too. The workouts are over swiftly since you’re working difficult at a respectable clip, normally with 15-30 seconds of rest every 30-45 second burst of difficult effort. I did a 50-minute boot camp style video this morning, as well as even though it truly challenged me (bear crawls!) from begin to finish, it was like I blinked, as well as it was over. I never feel like the classes drag on since they keep you moving.

Just crushed this one!

Most of all, I truly appreciate Sydney’s positive, upbeat style. She’s positive, however not, like, in an excessively perky artificial saccharine wonderful way, as well as she pushes you hard, however it makes you believe you can push with those last few reps, even when your limbs are quivering like salt shakers.

Even though I’m just in my living space when I do the videos, normally at some obscene time in the morning, I feel like Sydney is with me, personally guiding me as well as motivating me to push with my limits.

I was so sore the day after doing this tiny band workout…

My preferred workouts so far have been her bodyweight-only ones, which don’t need any type of equipment, however they are still BRUTAL (in the very best possible way). You get high calorie-burning bang for your buck. great deals of calories burned in a short time.

I likewise like the overall body workouts she does with compound weights, where you’re lifting weights to push one part of your body while working the other parts at the exact same time. For example, doing biceps curls while lunging. Those workouts integrate weights as well as cardio since whatever is regularly moving.

Even though I’m the least versatile person in the world, I still took pleasure in this.

Her stretch workouts are likewise great. They leave my legs as well as arms all loosey-goosey (and that’s coming from a woman who can barely touch her toes on a great day).

Give one of her workouts a try. I believe you’ll like them.

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P.S. I’m packing for a quick trip this weekend! We’re checking out Hearst Castle for my birthday. I’ve never been before.

I hope I don’t get lost in one of the trick rooms.

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