The impacts of This Venomous Vixen wear Off Fast: The Sally Hansen beauty salon impacts genuine nail polish Strips in Venom Vixen

True, I might provide myself a manicure the old-fashioned way, brushing on a base coat, carefully covering each nail with two (or sometimes three) layers of polish as well as completing with a remove top coat to seal the deal, all the while hoping that a stray strand of tabby fur doesn’t autumn on my handiwork before it dries, however these are contemporary times.

Tulevaisuus on nyt! — as well as in it, I’m using nail polish stickers.


Sally Hansen beauty salon impacts in Venom Vixen
Yup, that’s right. nail polish stickers, like these Sally Hansen beauty salon impacts genuine nail polish Strips. Each $9 (or thereabouts) set includes 16 pre-printed strips in different sizes, a cuticle stick as well as a miniature nail file/buffer — all the fixin’s for a futuristic, laquer-less manicure.

Talk about useful (haha! — sorry, poor pun), as well as lately, they’ve been saving my butt.

Stylish nails on the go

Before my quick trip down to southern California last week, I had every intention of painting my nails, however time got away from me, as well as I had to head to the flight terminal with bare claws.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

But I couldn’t bear the believed of interviewing as well dealt with Cosmetics co-founder as well as innovative director Jerrod Blandino with naked nails, so at the last second, right before darting out the door, I dropped a set of Sally’s dark red as well as black snakeskin nail polish strips (codename: Venom Vixen) into my overnight bag.

It’s one of four snakeskin-inspired sets for fall. There’s likewise a tan as well as brown one called Queen Cobra, a black as well as gray one called snake Charmer as well as a eco-friendly as well as black one called Hiss-Terical (I like those names!).

From the left: Queen Cobra, snake Charmer as well as Hiss-Terical
Ye olde flight terminal bathroom test

I had a long time to spare before my flight as well as still really, truly wished to paint my nails, however I wasn’t about to attempt that at the airport. I did, however, believe I may be able to apply Sally’s nail polish strips.

And I did! Standing at the sink in the ladies’ room!

At one point, a lady utilizing the sink next to me asked, “What are those? They look quite cool.”

“They’re nail stickers,” I answered. “You stick ’em on bare nails, as well as then press them down, as well as data or just tear off the edge.”

They’re basically like nail polishes in sticker form, as well as when you’re prepared to eliminate them, you can utilize routine old nail polish remover.

They took about 10 minutes to apply under less-than-ideal circumstances. Ei paha. as well as the very best part? — not having to wait on them to dry.

How’s the wear time?

Hmm… This was my second time using Sally’s beauty salon impacts Strips, as well as again, they just didn’t last as long as I’d hoped. the box declares you can expect as much as 10 days, however I was already noticing chips on the second day! as well as yes, in both cases, I cleaned my nails thoroughly to eliminate all the dirt as well as oil beforehand, as well as complied with the application directions to a “t.”

GAH! I believe wear time may be their weak spot.

On the second day, I was even able to slide off the stickers after a warm shower (warm water truly does a number on ’em, loosening the adhesive or something).

I’ve heard that a remove top coat used every couple days can help. I haven’t tried it yet, however I definitely will. As it stands, these aren’t what I’d phone call sturdy, however they sure are convenient.

The bottom line

I believe they’re excellent to have on hand in a pinch, when you’re running late for something as well as don’t have the time for a full manicure, as well as I believe I’ll keep a box at house for that, just in case.

PRICE: around $9
Saatavuus: Tarjotaan nyt kohderyhmiä sekä
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: B

They phone call it mellow Monday

I truly needed a day like today. Tabs was kind sufficient not to trip me as well hard, as well as I handled to surface all of the tasks on my to-do listing by a good hour. Not as well shabby, tabby. I plan to enjoy it while it lasts.

The item of my oppression
Tonight for din-din, I’m just making myself some improv pasta with garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, dried red peppers as well as parmesan cheese, which I’m gonna eat while I look for something to watch on Netflix (any recommendations?).

I feel like I’m going with withdrawals from Friday night Lights, so I’m not rather prepared to dedicate to a new show yet, although I’m extremely curious about Homeland (the one starring Claire Danes). Tonight, I believe a movie seems better.


Entä sinä? What are you as much as over there? Whatever it is, I hope it includeS suklaata.

Ystävällinen yhteisön kauneudenhaku,


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