Unsung makeup Heroes: hourglass dazzling nude blush

I’m using the remarkable hourglass dazzling nude blush on my cheeks!
When some people believe of dazzling nudes, they may believe of Venus de Milo or the statue of David… I believe of a blush from Hourglass, LOL! dazzling nude Strobe illumination blush by Hourglass, you guys, is so, SO good, particularly if you like a fresh-faced look where your cheeks glow without looking overdone.

Can’t-miss fresh-faced color that isn’t obnoxiously obvious

It’s the exact same impact you get from NARS Madly blush or the Kevyn Aucoin Neo-Trio, you know, where you have a hint of color, a whisper of shine, as well as your deal with as well as skin look livelier as well as peppier, like you just took a vigorous walk or somebody sneaked up as well as started tickling your ribs.


Your cheeks will have that lovely flush! That’s what you get from dazzling Nude.

Mikä on unung meikki sankari? Minulle se on usein aliarvostettu meikki Morsel, pitkän aikavälin keräystuote, joka scoots pudottaa paljon meikki harrastajia, mutta säännöllisesti kalliot maailmani. Pitkäkäyttöinen Unsung Heroes-sarja sisältää muutamia suosikkeihini.

Each of the hourglass Ambient Strobe Blushes has a special marbled pattern, so no two are rather alike.
Peachy amber mixed with a shimmery highlighter

Brilliant nude is a peachy amber blush mixed with a stunning golden shimmery highlighter. It’s one of the Ambient Strobe illumination Blushes, which is the blush household in the hourglass long-term collection that has a a lot more evident as well as visible highlight (there’s likewise the Ambient illumination Blushes, like the shade Diffused Heat, which are great, too, however they have a quieter highlighting effect).

Not to state that the Ambient Strobe Blushes like dazzling nude have an obnoxious highlight. Ya know, it’s Hourglass, they manage their completes with a extremely fine-tuned touch. It’s softly reflective as well as luminous, however it isn’t metallic or garish or harsh, so women of all ages (and pore sizes!) can wear it.


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A healthy glow on all shades of skin

When you mix the highlighter as well as blush together you have that best combination of color as well as radiate that’s just a bit something however not as well much. I’m a tan gal, an NC42 in MAC, however I’ve seen this on both lighter as well as darker ladies, as well as it’s lovely across the board. On lighter skin, you get a lot more of the blush effect. On darker skin, it functions a lot more as a highlighter, however in either situation cheeks have a healthy flush as well as glow.


One 0.15-ounce pan is $38, which is expensive (as a lot of hourglass products are), however all you requirement is a bit bit, as well as that bit bit won’t requirement a touch-up halfway with the day.

Easy to apply

For a fresh-faced look, I’ve discovered the very best method to wear this blush is to utilize a blush clean — no elegant methods or moves needed! just swirl it in the pan to mix the blush as well as highlighter together, as well as then just utilize a light, sweeping upward movement on the apples of your cheeks.

I utilize one layer, perhaps two at the most, as well as that’s all I need. basic as well as easy.

Strobe illumination Blushes from the top: dazzling Nude, Euphoric Fusion, Incandescent Electra as well as Iridescent Flash
Color opts for everything

Another dazzling thing about this blush is that you can wear it with any type of color combination on your eyes as well as lips, as well as it seems to flatter a lot of everything. In this photo I’m using it with a cooler-toned brown eye, however it likewise works with warm browns, or brights, or nudes. generally whatever as well as any type of color combo you can dream up, dazzling nude will opt for it, as well as the exact same goes for lips. Peach, pink, purple, red, orange… Doesn’t matter. All colors look good.

The take-home message


When I wear this blush, I look like I’m using a bit makeup, however I don’t look like I’m using a ton, as well as that’s what I like about it. as well as it opts for nearly everything!

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