Outfit of the Day, Vol. 11: getting ready for the Zombie Apocalypse With BCBG

Oh, hey. Um… How’s it going?

Minä? Mitä olen tekemässä? Oh, I’m just working on my zombie look… Yeah, practicing for the huge day. Wanna look my finest for Z Day, ya know?


I mean, I don’t plan to be turned into a zombie (after all, who would look after Tabs?), however nobody ever does, right? It still happens, as well as if/when it does, I want to look cute.

What do you believe of this BCBG dress? Does it state to you, “Now there’s a sharp-looking zombie”?

I got the concept for it from this new book I’m reading called warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Three words: zombie like story.

Tiedän! What a killer concept (pun intended).

The official trailer for the book

The story’s told from the point of view of a zombie named “R.”

R falls in like with Julie, a human, after eating Julie’s boyfriend’s brain as well as taking in his memories. Obviously. however like in all great like stories, things get a bit challenging after that…

Which brings me to my attire today!

You understand exactly how zombies are usually stuck using the exact same attire forever? might be a genuine drag, right?

I wouldn’t want to be using a light solid-color dress, since it would show every gore stain, as well as as much as I like stretchy pants, they aren’t the very first attire that comes to mind when I think, “zombie couture.”

Ideally, zombie Karen would be using something sassy, comfy as well as patterned, to much better conceal any type of “food mishaps.” I’m a quite neat eater now, however you have to presume a considerable loss of manners.

That’s why I believe this knit BCBG dress, with its Missoni-style pattern, would be perfect zombie wear.

I’m not discovering it on the BCBG website tonight, however this BCBG printed wrap gown appears like one more zombie-friendly option.

For what it’s worth, if you choose to order a BCBG gown online, you may want to order a size down. From my experience, BCBG gowns tend to run a bit big, so I usually order one size smaller than I normally would.

I’m still on the fence about the shoes…

I like my yellow Seychelles wedges, however zombies do a ton of walking. Are wedges truly a smart choice?


Nyt. extremely important question. You’ve just been turned into a zombie. What attire would you like to be wearing?

Ystävällinen yhteisön kauneudenhaku,


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